Spirit Quartz

In February 2002 there was a find of Amethyst like no other. These special magical crystals with a distinctive purple colour have a special name among the local African people, who call it Spirit Quartz. This name is taken from an alcohol based cleaning agent that has a pretty lilac color called Metholated Spirits that is widely in South Africa. In September of 2002 at the Denver Gem And Mineral Show, the Esoteric Doyen of our Planet, Melody (author of Love Is In The Earth, was approached to name this unique and rare occurance of amethyst. On her being told what the locals call it, she was overwhelmed, and duly endorsed the name Spirit Quartz. They have since been referred to as Cactus, Angel and Porcupine Quartz. Orange colouration caused by the presence of Hematite, can sometimes be seen within the crystal, and more frequently as a partial coating.

Spirit Quartz is an unusual variety of quartz that forms multiple terminated points emerging from a main crystal body. The presence of many tiny points covering the body give it a shimmer and glow that is quite beautiful. Spirit quartz is found only in Magaliesberg mountains in the Gauteng Province of South Africa and is unique in the colorful drusy covering. It occurs in amethyst (shown here) as well as citrine and sometimes white quartz.

Spirit quartz brings qualities of positive energy, peace to all realms. It transforms negative energy into positive energy, thereby being a very protective stone, and excellent for auric shielding as well as mental and physical types of protection. Spirit quartz is also excellent and often used for astral projection, dream work, shamanic journeying, and rebirthing. Emotionally it removes fear, brings emotional peace and happiness. Spirit quartz works very well with other minerals and can boost their energy as well as cleanse and activate them. Physically, spirit quartz is used for skin disorders, allergic reactions, colon disorders, detoxification, obsessive disorders, and familial abuse related stress disorders. Spirit quartz is associated primarily with the crown chakra, but will work to align and balance all chakras together.
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