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Abalone Shell
Abalone shell helps create stability in an environment. Believed to be a gift given by the sea to enhance fertility & virility, also bringing growth & renewal to staleness in your life.

Agates are the workhorse of the stone world, date back to Babylon & are prized for their medicinal uses.  They secure the action of other stones.  Agates offer strength, courage and security & support.  Aids in healing of fears.

Alexandrite aids astral travel, aids return to the beginning of ones origin of development, helping to attain higher realization. It has regenerative power, enhances the rebirth of the inner/outer self, produces qualities of expansiveness, creativity & awareness in the realm of manifestation. Aids centering of self, reinforcing self-esteem & augmenting the ability to experience joy.  Helps in the alignment of mental, emotional and etheric bodies, creating a balanced emotional state.

Amazonite enhances ability to communicate wisdom of the heart, removes blockages to emotional bonding with others, provides for passivation & elimination of aggravations, soothes the nervous system, dispels negative, irritating energy, balances male/ female energy , aids to manifest & retain Universal Love.  Used in treatment of the nervous system, energy blockage, metabolic processes, calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, tooth decay & spasms.

Amber protects health, especially during childbirth & menopause.  Warm magnetic energy relieves many physical ailments such as headaches, toothaches, respiratory ills, stomach ills, infections & rheumatic pains. Very soothing effect when rubbed against the skin.

Amethyst is a Spiritual stone known to aid religious, spiritual & psychic power.  Increases intuition.  Worn by Catholic Bishops, Jewish Priests, Greeks, Romans & Egyptians.  The stone has powerful healing effects upon the mind, cures insomnia & induces pleasant dreams.  Strengthens endocrine & immune systems.

Angelite is Celestite that has compressed over thousands of years.  It enhances telepathic communication, raises conscious awareness, dispels anger, aids psychic healing and connection to the Angel realm, changes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing.  Angelite is a protective and balancing stone that assists in speaking truth with love and honesty.  It helps to create feelings of peace and tranquility.

Apache Tear
It is said that whoever owns an Apache tear drop will never have to cry again, for the Apache maidens have shed their tears in place of yours.   The Apache tear drops are also said to balance the emotional nature & protect one from being taken advantage of. It stimulates success in business endeavors, produces clear vision & increases psychic powers.

Apatite detoxes suffering from the thymus, emotional body & those who feel the Earth's emotions.  "Not my pain, but the World's pain."  It releases the idea of deserving to suffer, releases grief for oneself & the state of the world.  Aids release of pain to accept peace & joy & to appreciate the beauty of Earth.

Aquamarine comforts in times of physical, emotional & karmic release while supporting one through the process.  It aids a life path of service as it shields & protects.  Its' Ocean Goddess energy is of love & caring through times of change. The stone enhances communication & promotes spiritual, psychic awareness. It brings about core soul healing. Aquamarine is a cooling & calming stone, good for soothing sunburns, fevers & tempers.

Aragonite provides relief from stress, anger & other emotional upheavals.  It aids patience, calmness & centering.  It opens the heart & mind as well as uplifts emotions.  Used in the treatment of chills, cold hands & feet, skin irritations & general aches & pains.

Aventurine increases opportunities, visionary powers & perceptions.  It releases anxiety,fear & opens, soothes a wounded heart.  It is a gambler's stone for luck in games of chance.  Wear it when you need a little something extra in your favor.

Known as the "stone of heaven." Azurite provides guidance & insight. Eliminates subconscious indecisions/worries & energy blockages,  inspires mystical/psychic self,  It stimulates awareness, precision & global thought.  It aids the body to utilize oxygen & strengthens blood.

Bloodstone was formed at the crucifixion of Christ when the blood of his wounds dropped to the green earth and turned to stone.  This is the Healing Stone, especially for circulatory dis-eases & removing blockages of all kinds.  Bloodstone is a powerful energy mover for change, mind correction, strength & courage.

Blue Chalcedony
Blue Chalcedony releases a nurturing energy that eases self-doubt & balances mind, body & spirit.  The energy of blue chalcedony is gentle & serene. Work with blue chalcedony to foster clairvoyance and knowing.

Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone is a stone of wisdom & science, teaching us to reach for the stars & reminding us of the light within darkness.  It is infused with copper sparkles, a powerful energy generator.

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate keeps energy moving.  It calms the emotions & mind.  Removes mental clutter & brings attunement to the senses.  Useful in treatment of arthritis, broken, deformed bones, strengthens pancreas & nails, balances brain fluid, shrinks growths, soothes eyes.

Blue Onyx
Blue Onyx helps to communicate without dumping frustrations on another.  It allows what must be said to be transmitted in a less emotional, more loving manner & enhances expression of repressed emotions.  It opens communication between people, pets & spirit guides.

Bone beads have one of the most historical links to genuine prayer bracelets.  When rubbed, it is a soothing gift from one animal to another.  Bone becomes more beautiful when rubbed or handled by increasing the sheen.

Botswana Agate
Botswana Agate gives strength & endurance, eases pain of loneliness or physical loss, expels toxins, aids to overcome obstacles, enhances creativity, reveals hidden talents & offers protection to the super sensitive.  It heals & warms the heart, offering comfort &security.  Let Botswana bands wrap themselves around you.

Brecciated Jasper
Brecciated Jasper is the stone of remembrance.  It also gives a positive outlook, enhances organizational skills, relaxation & a sense of wholeness.  This Jasper encourages attunement & communication with animals; brings happiness, creates a good outlook on life & eases stress.

Brown Jasper
Brown Jasper represents Earth & is a healing stone for the physical body.  It strengthens the liver, gallbladder, bladder & is used for cancer & other wasting diseases.  Excellent stone for healers.

Calcite aids the body to return to the state of perfection during times of disease by clearing & activating the chakra system. It is an excellent stone for use in the studies of arts & sciences.  Golden Calcite works extremely well for the crown chakra.

Carnelian transfers energy into form, motivates, balances emotions, stimulates success & restores ambitions.  It is an action stone for focusing, realization & self-actualization.  It aligns the physical & etheric bodies.  Highly honored among the Egyptians.  "The warrior stone" gives you the strength & courage to accomplish whatever you are determined to do.

Celestite (Celestine)

Cerolite, Russian
Russian Cerolite emits a profound healing vibration & facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration.  It brings the wearer youthfulness.  Cerolite also assists in opening the heart chakra.

Charolite instills a sense of peace & harmony of life & destiny. It is a stone of spiritual transformation & to recognize the connection with the All.  It helps ease fear associated with major life changes, giving the drive & energy to help get through stressful times, reduces worry.

Cherry Quartz
Cherry Quartz stimulates new beginnings.  Wear it to entice a new job, new home, new friendships or new love.  It acts as a facilitator in the renewal of life.

Chrysocolla enhances the feminine energies & activates one's connection to the Goddess. It is said to clear the throat chakra & assist in speaking one's highest truth, to awaken compassion, to balance the emotions & bring peace to the mind & heart. Aids in preventing ulcers, digestive problems, arthritic conditions & female disorders.  Strengthens lungs, thyroid & metabolism.

Citrine reflects the yellow rays of the Sun.  The magnetic radiating energy stimulates communication, voice projection & is a great stone for teachers, performers, etc.  Wear anytime you want to project a strong, positive self image.

Coral aids in soothing & energizing the emotions.  It also increases intuition & imagination.  Wear coral to bring your dreams into reality.

Crazy Lace Agate
Crazy Lace Agate helps to one to center, focus & clear emotional pain.  It stabilizes & grounds while elevating awareness.  This stone enables one to develop, balance & sustain physical endurance.  Useful in treatment of the heart, skin & vitality.

Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz is the stabilizer & amplifier of energy of all kinds including intentions & desires.  Reduces blockages & opens the path.  Wear clear quartz to turn a good mood into a great mood, happiness into joy.  Activates the pineal & pituitary glands.
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