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Rainbow Obsidian
Rainbow Obsidian, a stone of pleasure, enjoyment, light & love into one's life. Awakens the Chakra Spiritual energies. Enhances clairvoyance & protects against environmental negativity.

Red Aventurine
Red Aventurine is an all-around healer, bringing joy into life.  Dissolves creative blocks, heals sexual trauma, aids independence & originality.  It also aids fertility, conception & joyful pregnancies.

Red Jasper
Red Jasper increases life-force energies, is useful for self-healing, provides a flow of beneficial energies.  Strengthens liver, gallbladder, bladder & increases vitality.  It offers grounding, strength, & alignment with the Earth.

Red Tiger Eye
Red Tiger Eye enhances the ability to grow toward a greater self-fulfillment & increases life force energy.

Rhodocrosite is a stone of love & balance, which can assist one in attaining an ecstatic state during meditation. Wearing the stone is said to bring the vibration of joy into one's daily life. It enhances memory, intellectual power & works on digestive problems & ulcers as well as spleen, kidneys, heart, pituitary & blood circulation.

Rhodonite promotes self-esteem, self-worth & self-confidence.  It is used to stabilize the emotions.  The gemstone sorts out any feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or ungrounded & allows you to broaden your perspective.  It helps you become more balanced & mature.  Beneficial effect upon bones, the hearing system, nervous system, thyroid, pancreas & memory.

Riverstone promotes rapid change. It is best used with other gemstones or a clear intention. It can speed up metabolism & reduce boredom.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz energy is all about Love, Love of Self & Love of others.  It teaches how to give & receive Love.  It is also associated with beautification of complexion, prevents wrinkles.  Wear it to boost self image, personal self-acceptance & Love of Self.  Rose Quartz puts you "in the pink."

Ruby is associated with beauty, love & marriage.  It enhances courage, passion & increases life-force energies.  Use it as an expression of spiritual devotion & lasting love.

Ruby Zoisite
Legend has it that those who possess this precious stone will never be without money. Ruby in zoisite draws powerful light vibrations into your body & protects from negativity & unhappy events.  It can help to overcome laziness & apathy.  A powerful healing stone concerning vitality & heart problems as well as pancreas, lungs & spleen.

Rutilated Quartz
Quartz Rutilated is a strong healing stone, helping to move mind, body & spirit blocks, especially those from childhood. Slows aging, aids meditation, clairvoyance, telepathy.  It acts as an energizer when fatigued, promotes clarity of thought & enhanced insight, repels negative energies & rids unwanted interference.  Known for stabilizing emotions, relationships & mental processes.

Ryolite is a physical & emotional stabilizer.  It helps strengthen the permanency of a love relationship, stimulates emotional ardor & rejuvenates physical beauty.

Sand Dollar
The Legend of the Sand Dollar is to break the center open to release five white doves waiting to spread Good Will and Peace.

Sardonyx brings confidence, uplifts the mind & helps improve all kinds of relationships (marriages, friendships, partnerships, love etc.). It generally attracts friends, helps you see the happier side to life & attracts good luck.

Selenite offers a calming, soothing energy. The "Stone of mental clarity", enhances mental flexibility & promotes good decisions. Aids awareness of past lives, removes energy blocks, connects physical & etheric *light* bodies. Aids healing of the skeleton & spine, helps to stop smoking, clears other stones, decreases seizure disorders, promotes good business practices. An excellent stone for any Healer, massage therapist, Reiki Master, Chiropractor, etc. to have in their office.

Serpentine Jade emits a profound healing vibration & facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. It clears, develops & expands the Hara line's ability to hold energy & assists in opening the heart chakra. It activates the kundalini, or 'serpent fire' energies.

Shell provides boundless growth.  It stimulates Intuition, sensitivity, imagination & adaptability.

Shiva Lingam
"Shivas" are only found at the Narmada River, high in the mountains of Mandhata, which is one of the 7 sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India.  Each Lingam contains sacred markings.  No two stones are alike.  The stones are "Crypto Crystalline Quartz," said to contain the loftiest vibrations of all stones on Earth.  They emanate a vibration that will purify your home.  The stone represents both the male energy of knowledge & the female energy of wisdom. 

Silver is known as the moon metal, stabilizer, securer &  supporter of gemstone energy.

Silverleaf Agate
Silverleaf agate guards against physical dangers & is a great stone for children.  It also aids one who needs extra energy or extra courage to face stress.

Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz is a grounding gemstone that dissolves negative energy & lets positive energy in.  It is an excellent stone for meditation.  It helps depression, stress & nightmares.  Strengthens the adrenals, kidneys & pancreas, balances sexual energy.

Snowflade Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful stone of psychic protection. purifying the auric field of negativity within & without. It is said to dispel bad dreams, anxieties &  helps one align with the Divine Light.  Helps one stay safe by being more aware of dangers.  Beneficial to the stomach & intestines.

Sodalite comes from the core of the earth.  Aiding to bridge the subconscious & conscious minds & to connect your thoughts to your feelings, it dispels guilt, fears & strengthens mind over body.  The stone clears vision rather than stimulate wisdom or mental expansion.  With a clear, insightful mind, you can good decisions &  find inner peace.  Known to stabilize the thyroid & insulin.

Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz was known as porcupine quartz or cactus quartz until it settled into its "real" name. Spirit quartz brings qualities of positive energy, peace to all realms, is excellent for astral projection, dream work, shamanic journeying, & rebirthing. Spirit quartz works well with other minerals & can boost their energy as well as cleanse & activate them. Physically, spirit quartz is used for skin disorders, allergic reactions, colon disorders, detoxification, obsessive disorders, and familial abuse related stress disorders. Spirit quartz is associated primarily with the crown chakra, but will work to align & balance all chakras together.

The arms of the Starfish represent guidance through the unknown.  Starfish are also symbolize Faith & comfort.

Stromatolite polished stones are not only a healing tool for past life regression, but also make cool specimens for a fossil collection. Each stone has perfect structure and color. Metaphysical properties of Stromatolite include past-life meditation, relieving physical and emotional stress, re-establishing the flow of body fluids that have become heavy or blocked and it is said that it massages the chakras. Stromatolites are a fossil that show our deep time on earth, the emergence of life, and the eventual evolving of the beautiful life forms. They have the very patient, steady energy of a jasper as well, bringing temperance and steadfastness to any process or person.

Sugilite attracts healing power representing Spiritual Love manifest on Earth.  Aids forgiveness, acceptance & belief in one's self.  It displaces hostility with inspiration & confidence.  Sugilite brings peace of mind & well being.

Sunstone is a stone of leadership, strongly evoking this quality in those who wear it. It dispels fear & stress, increases vitality, encourages independence & originality, warms the spirit.  It encourages you not to talk life's setbacks to heart & to "think big."

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